What’s a Farmers’ Market without its Volunteers!

The Morton Grove Farmers’ Market is operated by a group of dedicated, all-volunteer individuals who are passionate about promoting local goods and services, helping to assist citizens in need of access to healthy produce options, and providing access to education on the nutritional aspects of eating a well-balanced diet. As a bonus, volunteers also have fun with our entertainment, events, children’s activities, and wide variety of vendors!


Rich Block
Eric Brodsky (Chair)
Lorri Fishman
Susan Werth


Community Group Sub-Committee

Lorri Fishman (Chair)

Entertainment / Events Sub-Committee

Brad Moldofsky (Music Director)
Susan Werth (Chair)

Vendor Vetting Sub-Committee

Rich Block
Lorri Fishman
Susan Werth (Chair)

Volunteer Sub-Committee

Lorri Fishman (Chair)

Advisory Committee

Eric Brodsky – MGFM Steering Committee
Alyse Burman (Chair) – Education Foundation Serving Students in Niles Township
Ralph Czerwinski – Village of Morton Grove
Elizabeth Jones – St. Luke’s Church
Pam Leffler – Morton Grove Public Library
Jim Lichon – Chicago Farm Labs
Jeff Wait – Morton Grove Park District

If you are interested in participating in any of these committees, please e-mail us at info@mgfarmersmarket.org and the appropriate individual will contact you.


E-mail us at info@mgfarmersmarket.org

Or call us at 847-750-MGFM / 847-750-6436

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