Illinois House Bill 4568

The IAPO (Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity) wants Illinois residents to speak up about Illinois House Bill 4568, which is currently waiting for Governor Rauner’s signature. More details on HB 4568 here:

Healthy Local Foods Incentive Fund: While the Healthy Local Foods Incentives Fund bill, which provides double-value coupon incentives to SNAP participants to access fresh fruits & vegetables at farmers markets and other direct-to-consumer venues, was passed into law in 2016, no appropriation was made for the fund in the FY 2018 state budget. IAPO’s 2018 priorities are to secure an appropriation of $500,000 in the FY 2019 state budget and eliminate the pilot’s sunset date of June 2019. On the latter, HB 4568, a bill that would make permanent the Healthy Local Food Incentives Fund, has passed both the Illinois House and Senate and has now been sent to the Governor for consideration! Take action! Ask the Governor to sign HB 4568 to support healthy eating and the local farming economy.