7th Annual PIE Contest Winners Announced

Thanks so much to all who made our Market and Pie Contest special last Saturday!


Our wonderful Pie Contest Judges

  1. Michael and Christopher R.

    Apple Raisin Pie

  2. Maddie G.

    Apple Citrus Pie

  3. Cory B.

    Strawberry Rum

  4. Kim M.

    I’m Peach

  5. Pam W.

    Apple Crisp Pie

  6. Catherine C. – 1st Place Winner! 

    Ginger Peachy Rhubarb Pie

    Catherine C. – 1st Place Winner!

  7. Adeline R.

    Very (Mixed) Berry Pie

  8. Katherine G.

    Blueberry, Lemon, Ginger Pie

  9. Laura F. – 2nd Place Winner 

    Rustic Cherry Pie

    Laura F. – 2nd Place Winner

  10. Patrick O. – 3rd Place Winner 

    Winner!! Winner! Pie for Dinner

    Patrick O. – 3rd Place Winner 

  • Pie Contest Coordinator Maria Toth and Volunteers Jenny, Zach, Logan, Susan, Rich, Lorri, Peggy, Brad, Elaine, Nancy, Lois, Sue, Brian, Melanie, and Eric

Pie Contest Coordinator Maria Toth brings each “Show Pie” to the judges before volunteers Jenny, Zach, and Logan bring the “Tasting Pie” slices

Hungry customers can’t wait to buy a slice of pie. All donations will go directly to the Niles Township Food Pantry

Market Managers Brad and Peggy tabulate the judges’ scores for each pie.

Marveling at the talented bakers of Morton Grove! And the great, fresh, local fruit available at our Market!

Photo Credits: Elaine M., Maria T., and Kim M.