Attention bakers and eaters of fresh, mouth-watering pie!

MGFM’s 8th Annual PIE Baking CONTEST on August 4th, rain or shine.


Sign up in advance or on the day of the contest.  A sign up sheet and printed copies of the rules are available at the Welcome Booth or here:

Day of contest – sign up sheet 2018

Please upload your Pie Recipe here: 

Upload files


No entry fee!  Prizes awarded.

Slices sold after contest.

All proceeds will be donated to the Niles Township Food Pantry.

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Pie Day Schedule:

  • 9:45 Pie Delivery Deadline:  2 pies of the same recipe (1 for show, 1 for tasting).
  • 10:00 Judging of the presentation pies
  • 10:30 Judging of the tasting pies
  • 11:00 Winners announced, slices sold
Suggested pie styles include, but are not limited to, apple, blueberry, mixed berry, pecan, cherry, peach, etc.


There is no entry fee, but contestants are asked to bring two identical fruit pies to the Market the morning of the contest.

Pie Contest Rules:

 Open to amateur bakers of all ages.  No professional chef entries please.

 One entry per person.

 Bring two identical pies: one for appearance, one for judge tasting.

 Fresh or frozen fruit only.

 Because the entire contest takes place outdoors, no dairy or eggs permitted in the filling.

 Crust and filling must be homemade.

 Each pie must be round, between 7-10 inches in diameter. No tartlets

 Full top crust, lattice crust, crumb crust, etc. are permitted.  Please no free-form pie crusts such as galettes.

 Please use disposable pie tins.  Pies will not be returned. Pies will be sliced and sold to Market customers after judging to raise funds for the Niles Township Food Pantry.

 Please bring a copy of the recipe or a list of ingredients to the Market with you when you drop off your pies.

 Pies must be at the judges’ table NO LATER than 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, August 4th.

 Winner must be present during 10 a.m. judging.


Pies will be judged on:

  • Appearance
  • Taste – Crust
  • Taste – Filling
  • Overall

After the judges taste and rate the pies, the votes will be tabulated and the winners announced.  Next, whole pies and pie slices will be sold for free will donations to theNiles TownshipFood Pantry.Recommended donations for pie slices is $3.00. An entire pie is $30.00. Contestants will have the option to purchase their own second pie before the spectators, if desired.


The WINNERS will receive:

1st Prize: $50 in Market Bucks
2nd Prize: $25 in Market Bucks
3rd Prize: $10 in Market Bucks

100% of the pie contest proceeds will go to the Niles TownshipFood Pantry.


Pie Contest Judges:
Robin Hoppenrath
Peggy Leib
  • Ed Ramos


The Morton Grove Farmers’ Market has held a Pie Baking Contest every year since 2011!


2011 First Place Pie Contest Winner Mark Johnson


2012 Pie Contest winners! L to R: Lisa Brandt-Whittington – 1st place, Paige Hoffman – 2nd place, Shawn Phillips – 3rd place



2013 Pie Contest winners! L to R: Julia Roxas – 3rd place, Laura Frisch – 1st place, Shawn Phillips – 2nd place



2014 Pie Contest winners!  L to R:  Rick Silbert & Sam Khoshini – 1st place, Margie Spiegel – 2nd place,  Cory Block – 3rd place



2015 Pie Contest winners! L to R: Natalia Ricci – 3rd place, Cory Block – 1st place, Maddie Goldstein – 2nd place



2016 Pie Contest winners! L to R: First Place: Laura Frisch’s Blue Barb Pie, Third Place: Catherine Colombo’s Ginger Berry Almond Crumble Pie, Second Place: Cory Block’s Peach Habanero Pie